Wednesday, 5 August 2009

In the City

I highly recommend that you take a look at this show by some of our inspired 2nd year students!

11 Emerging Jewellers
& The Urban Environment

3-28th August 2009 at City Library
Opening Wednesday the 5th of August at 5.30 to 7.30pm

Auction pieces now available to view on line!

Go to:

to check out some of the work up for auction and start picking out the ones you're going to bid on. On the night of the auction it's usually a mad rush to go up and look at all the work before bidding, so this is a great way to preview and consider your next prized piece.

Monday, 22 June 2009

2009 G&S Auction!!!

Yes people, the time is coming round again when we all get a chance to get our paws on some fabulous treasure all in the name of fund raising. The annual gold and silversmithing auction is nearly upon us so start saving your pennies as there is no doubt that there will be some amazing pieces up for grabs. All money goes towards the end of year graduate show and publication, a cause that promotes and highlights the exceptional talent that comes out of this course each year. So come along and show your support and bid on some outstanding jewellery pieces.
Leading up to the auction there will be student works on display in the cabinets near the main RMIT cafeteria and opposite the Kalaide  theatre entrance. Closer to the date there will be actual auction pieces displayed in these cabinets as well as online, so we'll keep you posted on that. There will also be mini badges for sale featuring the auction pieces.

Thursday August 20th.
Bella Union Bar, Trades Hall,
crn Lygon and Victoria Streets, Carlton.
Viewing from 5.30pm, Auction starts 6.30pm.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Sunday Arts. Nina Oikawa.

A great little interview and showcase on Sunday Arts mid last year some time.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Melbourne Hollow Ware Show


Robin Bold
Nicholas Bastin
Mark Edgoose
Christopher Milbourne
Robert Baines
Jason Wade
James Andrew
Katherine Wheeler
Wayne Guest
Simon Cottrell
Vicky Shukuroglou

A mixture of personal philosophy and vessel making, Melbourne Hollow Ware explores how object making engages the semiotics of manufacture and the immigrant of ideas to convey the settings of human identity and presence.

Images (top) Jason Wade, (bottom) Katherine Wheeler.

Linda Hughes - Signwear

Jeweller Linda Hughes creates bold, 'Stop the Traffic', wearable pieces that reflect the complex theatre of public space. Cautionary street signage is designed to scream its presence; yet with familiarity can become invisible amid the sheer everydayness of the streetscape. Lifting familiar motifs into a jewellery context re-examines the subject. These abstracted jewellery forms carry symbolism and colour codes from the street. Placed on the body the work does not assume adornment, but invites attention and reflection on the continual commentary that directs the traveler.

Now showing at the Craft Victoria window.

25 May - 14 June 2009
Craft Victoria
31 Flinders Lane
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Public Programs June 2009

Public Programs June 2009

SCHMUCK 2009 Contemporary Jewellery
Panel discussion with SCHMUCK Director Wolfgang Lösche
‘What is Contemporary Jewellery?’
Friday 5 June 12-1 pm

RMIT Gallery is proud to present the prestigious SCHMUCK 2009 exposition of contemporary jewellery. Originating in Munich, and now in
its 50th year, SCHMUCK is widely regarded as the most important
exhibition of contemporary jewellery in the world. Hundreds of
international artists compete for selection; only 60 are chosen.

SCHMUCK Director Wolfgang Lösche will join a panel of experts including
2009 finalists, Professor Robert Baines and Julia deVille, and 2001 and
2008 finalist Simon Cottrell, to discuss emerging trends in contemporary
jewellery and holloware design. For anyone who appreciates the art of
jewellery design this is not to be missed!

Johannes Kuhnen: a survey of innovation
Johannes Kuhnen
Artist floor talk
Friday 5 June 1-1.30pm

RMIT Gallery continues to promote excellence in design with the works
of Johannes Kuhnen. Kuhnen is a pioneer of the anodising and colouring
process of aluminium and its application in a studio-based practice. He
combines traditional working methods with industrial materials and
processes. Join Johannes to hear about his life’s work.

Free events
RSVP essential

PUBLIC TRANSPORT RMIT Gallery can be accessed by trams along Swanston
and La Trobe Streets and trains to Melbourne Central Station
PARKING is available in commercial parking stations and meter parking
is available on La Trobe, Frankllin and A'Beckett Streets.

Johannes Kuhnen

Johannes Kuhnen

a survey of innovation

The RMIT Gallery Board and RMIT Gallery Director Suzanne Davies have
great pleasure in inviting you to the opening of Johannes Kuhnen: a
survey of innovation.

6-8pm THURSDAY 4th JUNE 2009

RSVP 03 9925 1717/

Exhibition Dates Friday 5th June to Saturday 18th July 2009

RMIT Gallery 344 Swanston Street Melbourne 3000
Tel: +61 39925 1717 Hours: Mon-Friday 11-5 Saturday 2-5
Closed sundays and public holidays. Lift Access. Free Admission.

SCHMUCK comes to RMIT Melbourne!

The RMIT Gallery Board and RMIT Gallery Director Suzanne Davies have
great pleasure in inviting you to the opening of Schmuck 2009.

6-8pm THURSDAY 4th JUNE 2009

RSVP 03 9925 1717/

Exhibition Dates Friday 5th June to Saturday 18th July 2009

RMIT Gallery 344 Swanston Street Melbourne 3000
Tel: +61 39925 1717 Hours: Mon-Friday 11-5 Saturday 2-5
Closed sundays and public holidays. Lift Access. Free Admission.

Thank you

RMIT G&S would like to thank guest speaker Eva for her excellent talk on her school last Thursday. Eva has been on exchange in our department and will be heading off soon back to her school in Germany.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Anna Davern Thursday Lecture - 14.05.09

Anna Davern

Lunchtime Lecture

12:30 – 1:30

Thursday 14th May,

RMIT G&S Tutorial Room

Current Competitions - don't miss out!

Click on the links to get the info and download entry forms:

The 6th Cheongju International Craft Competition


New Traditional Jewellery

Info and BIG news

      Schmuck Exhibition - RMIT Gallery has contacted Handwerkskammer

to have Schmuck tour to Melbourne. @ RMIT Gallery 5th June – 18th


You should be able to find a schmuck link on klimt02 for the blog

      Melbourne Hollowware Exhibition, touring to SOA Gallery  9th

June – 19th June 2009 alongside Schmuck.

Catch-up's and Thank-you's

Thursday lectures series are back on, well, have been on for a little while now, so lets catch up and revise...

RMIT G&S would like to thank the following people for their

Lectures so far this Semester:





And most recently, we would like to thank Andrew Tetzlaff from SOA

Gallery RMIT and Blindside ARI and Jodie Lawson from First Site Gallery

RMIT for their Lunchtime Lecture on Thursday 30th April on Exhibition

Application Writing for RMIT art spaces and ARI.

For more info on applying for these spaces please:

For First Site applications go to:

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Black and Night

In conjunction with her Master Class at RMIT, Bettina Speckner will be giving a free public lecture at 6pm, Wednesday January the 14. 
Venue:  RMIT Bowen Street- Casey Plaza lecture theatre, RMIT Building 10, Level 4.
All welcome.
Artist, Bettina Speckner will address various aspects of "black" and "night" as a

subject matter for creating art jewellery that bears a relationship to the wearer.

On the basis of how Bettina Speckner approaches her work, she will explore

notions of black as a colour, black as a statement, black as a feeling, night as a

state of transition, night as a special moment, as having a different ambience,

and as a context for participants to make contemporary art jewellery that has a

personal reference.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Kit and Caboodle

Take a look and join. It's the beginning of what appears to be a great international network of contemporary jewellers. 

Kit and Caboodle is an online network of contemporary jewellery makers, galleries, bloggers, teachers, students, outlets. join, network and show your work. A place to build contacts, share and source information and a message board for events, competitions, artist profiles and much more. Well worth your while to sign on and keep track of.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Ethical Metalsmiths

Have a read of this website.

"Jewelry traditions are woven into our culture. Jewelry-making is our livelihood and we love our craft. We care about the traditions, integrity and future of metal arts. Ethical Metalsmiths was created for people who want their materials to be consistent with their values. We are demanding that the mining industry adopt more ethical practices. We invite our colleagues in the metals community; artists, metalsmiths, goldsmiths, jewelers, educators and students, galleries and collectors, retailers and suppliers to become advocates for responsibly sourced materials."


Welcome back!

After a bit of a slow start getting this blog off the ground last year, 09 promises to be on the ball and up to date with events, information and inspiration and all things G&S.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Sensational statement!...

Ok, so i added this clip in for a few reasons. One, i was teaching myself how to embed clips into the blog as it might be useful for future posts, and two, well, watch and learn people! Mmm Hmmmmm!